? Authentic Moncler Mens Eric Jackets Black With High Quality

Authentic Moncler Mens Eric Jackets Black With High Quality

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    Moncler Mens Eric Jackets Black

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    2014 Hot Sale Moncler Loire Women Coats Green Chinese luxury consumers are too youngSwiss watch in white Nadi Panerai Executive Director impression, Shanghai is a good place high consumption of luxury goods .New technology means new business technology brings a different experience dynamic moments from shopping center is different from traditional business planning and design , the humane, experience a sense of feeling to create a comprehensive one-stop interactive consumer experience .Since 1980 the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone , Shenzhen garment industry relies on the unique geographical advantages , driven by exports , and gradually formed the industrial cluster advantage.Reporters learned that the joint venture will become the mainland , Hong Kong, China and Macau hypermarkets , supermarkets, convenience stores, cash 0026 carry and liquor stores unique platform , the newly established joint venture sales are expected to reach 100 about one hundred million pounds , or about 95 billion yuan .To achieve these goals , the city government last year to build the garment industry funded public technical service platform - " Shenzhen Garment Research and Development Center ," and actively preparing for the establishment of a set of high-tech apparel and product development , garment production, processing, warehousing, logistics, display for sale professional training as one of the brand-name apparel industrial park ( under construction ) .

    In short , luxury consumption has been transformed from an expensive material supplies for the pursuit of an ideal to pursue lifestyle .The industry is not the case --- Just ten days ago, Chinas retail industry quietly spent the last before the WTO transition period , "Dances with Wolves " talked about for so many years now , "Wolves " come in ! We started the worlds retail giants and synchronized dance , the competitive environment is more complex.In France, when you walk into the Champs Elysees , the boss would kindly ask : "Are you Chinese? " When mainland Chinese tour group in Paris, luxury stores can already enjoy the highest level of " closed service " I also let them angry. Moncler Bady Women Jackets Royal Blue Fashion is the image of the national culture " encyclopedia ." Turning to Chinese luxury consumption trends, president of wealth Quality Institute says Zhou Ting in Beijing on the 14th .

    The pursuit of high-end consumer uniqueness China is the worlds luxury goods sales growth strongest markets." annai children " brand designer Liu Yang ; Beijing Lawlandee LLC " Lawlandee " brand designer Cai Yucui ; Chinese red, yellow, blue group " Yellow Blue " brand designers in sexangula ; Shanghai Garments Co. Moncler Mans Himalaya Brown Jacket , general manager of Shanghai Companion Zhao Hong Xiang ; Beijing Haichen Miss Liu Haiyan , general manager routes clothing Co.Thereby exposing the fact that the relative lack of clothing lines and clothing , Chongqing local universities, although some secondary, vocational and other training institutions opened a sewing professional, but the real training a skilled , starting from at least into the plant require six months ." Christa Christie Lu is helping wealthy Chinese to " post- luxury era .

    Is also the first time in the CH IC s "CH IC2004 Visitors Guide " to reduce the chance of costly mistakes audience ran , but also increases the success rate of trade negotiations .This is a rare opportunity for the development of the Shenzhen garment industry .In fact, the Chinese women now have the ability to be able to have a lot of choices , and those choices are before the people living in a completely different environment can not have.When in 2012 , saying " not open to Chinese tourists ," ( in the name of French luxury clothing retailer named ) boutique hotel ZADIG VOLTAIRE lesson. 2014 Hot Sale Moncler Tulsa Women Jackets Deep Blue On the contrary , it touches kill micro-channel pay Alipay a surprise.

    , also in Zhejiang , Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce executive vice president , principal operating clothing , luggage , handbags , shoes , there is " Dunhill Hong Kong company " DADSOLID registered trademark holders.Moreover, McKinsey predicted in 2015 , 32% of Chinese families can afford to travel abroad and buy luxury goods , so for now China is considered the continued strong growth in luxury consumption market is not surprising.Zheng Yonggang has a dozen visits to Paris , he felt that the international famous clothing brand who has accumulated for decades or even centuries of cultural connotations. 2014 Hot Sale Moncler Tulsa Women Jackets Deep Blue Wanda Plaza, an investment of almost 50 billion yuan , if in the future to keep about 15 to 20 Wanda Plaza development speed every year and the total investment approaching 100 billion yuan , Wanda has become a veritable domestic commercial real estate leader ."In addition , Giordano shareholders meeting yesterday , the general mandate granted to the Directors to issue shares of the motion was rejected by more than 50 % of the voting shareholders , meaning that in the coming year, the CTF will not Yin Zuo Dan slavery issue new shares and dilutive float.


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